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Join the Evil Overlord!

Become a servant of the Evil Overlord himself!
Spy on other users from watch towers.
Scout the land for new Islands to occupy and for the best mountains to build watchtowers on!

Be feared by the rest of the players and help this kingdom to tremble before the mighty power of the true evil overlord!


Haha. :-) This cracked me up.

you will stop laughing once my (future) mighty hordes overrun your land and pillage your dirtblocks

NOT OUR DIRT BLOCKS! What has the world come to?

-rome changes it's relationship with the evil overlord to ally-


hehe "future" gl unc

Where can I apply?

The overlord has been quiet lately.... There isn't a single watchtower in sight. He must be plotting something extra-ordinarily evil. Guard your dirt blocks everyone.

I'll join, where do i sign?


This is severely outdated and related to the old kingdom map...

But I still wish to join if it means I can overrun Pine's lot!


Man I wish we could get a PVP friday or something where we could battle between our cities on the kingdom lot for just a few hours or something.

How hard would something like that be to allow PVP for a short time? We could have some epic battles on that corner of the map between Pinebenj's city, and the upstart town some of us are creating. Just curious because I have no idea on how the server is set up, if this could even be possible?

Let this be your warning Pine!

We have a new enemy in the kingdom Unc! Allow us to destroy him in glorious PVP battle!