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Jungle Shard

So far I've dug out a rift, and built a mountain. Once the height limit is raised, I'm planning to build a large "magic" jungle tree wrapped around a floating crystal. Here's a few sketches-


Will update from time to time.

aww crap, too late to edit imgur album; i edited a comment in the reddit thread though with a link to here.

This looks amazing. Any idea on how big the crystal it self will be?

100 high

you're a great artist!

Upvote this!

Under the Mountain: Search for the last Trogolodyte

The tomb underneath is done, story added and contest entry submitted.
Next step gather lots of wood...

Great! Can you change the URL in the IMGUR post to be instead of ?

Awesome!!! I can always help you with wood

That'ssssss a nice mountain between you and Xecaria, it would be a sssshame if it got ressssset!


The way this is going I think you deserve architect once you are done! Good luck with this project it looks jaw-dropping already!

found these figured i'd update the post a little. necro!

[img][/img] will this work? :(

Awesome Dude!

wow, this is incredible!

Amazing stuff right here!

You wanna demote him from master to architect D: hehe

Luklukk is master rank affan.