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Just wanted you all to know.....

The last few months at my household have been kinda rough. Car accident, wife getting pretty ill and needing a lot of treatments, and then my trip to the Emergency room on Christmas Eve with a ruptured appendix.......

Before it sounds like I am crying, I'm not looking for sympathy here. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for being so great. Uncovery has provided me with a place to forget the crappy stuff for a little while each day, and the wonderful people on here make it so much fun to hang out in a great community. There is a sense of family on this server, and I just wanted you all to know how cool you all are. I enjoy my time here immensely.

Real life can suck sometimes, and it's nice to have a release valve. Thanks everyone. Just wanted you all to know I appreciate the time on the server with you all, and the silly conversations we have in chat and teamspeak as well.

You all rock. Here's to hopefully many more years on the best server on the planet.

I just hope everyone gets a chance to see this. You are all awesome.

Thanks Jon, you are to

May this year be 100 times better for you then the last.

It wasn't a bad year overall. Just the last few months. lol.


I know what you mean, Jonno. Hopefully things shape up :)

Jonno, please know the server is always here for you to throw creepers at you!

Thanks Unc.... Creepers being thrown at me always make me feel great!

Almost as good as when you are hitting me with lightning.


my prayers are with you and your family jonno!!! ^_^

Glad to have you, jonno!

Great knowing you Jonno, it has been a wonderful time meeting you and playing with you aswell.
-I hope youw wife recovers quickly , I hope the medical bills aren't trouble , and I hope that car gets fixed.

- And no matter how hard it may get , through thick and thin , we will be with you as long as we are able to :)
-Our prayers will be with you every step of the way , and I hope you and your wife recover from this "rut"

-I hope I speak for everyone when I say this , we care about you as much , If not MORE , than you could possibly imagine

(I know this was all mushy - blah blah - boring stuff , but hey , it's the thought that counts )

- Your friends and "Family"
-miner22122 & and everyone else on Uncovery