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Kingdom Expansion

Have we considered expanding the kingdom world to include more lots?

I was considering getting a Kingdom lot, but when I looked, and ran out to some of the available lots... it seems my options are ice plains/mountains or ocean. There are a couple lots that are exceptions to that, but none really near one another.

I know we've done this before in other worlds.


I think its a good idea, I ran into the same problem.

Would it be possible to generate more of the same world? because it was generated in an older version? although I don't Know if it would matter if the Kingdom had some lots that had those cliffs and strait edges where lots were a different seed and a different version.

I don't know if a more strict enforcement of the rules for having a Kingdom lot would help free up some prime lots, specifically the rule about having to actually build something there, or at least have a plan ready to show. (I have no idea how long some players have had the lots, but there are some that appear not to have anything, or at least not much at all, built on them)

but the only other option would be to have another world with a newer map maybe wait till 1.8 comes out?

I will get a Kingdom lot eventually, however I prefer lots close to spawn, and I have enough to build on my other lots, without having another build to work on too.

We can. I have pre-generated a lot of land when we created the kingdom. I just have to run a script that makes new lots and renames the old ones. Since we have the draftlands now, this will most likely become the new city. I have to stake out some land where the current city builds go and reserve it.

So the Draftlands is the new city? That's sad news to me. :( I personally prefer a centralized place where people can hang out and interact, and where we can build homes close to each other, and is survival and non-flat. I don't really enjoy a place that looks like a huge museum and we can only watch and wow but are not allowed to touch anything. That doesn't feel like Minecraft to me. But anyway, that's just my personal opinion. I believe you all must have good reasons behind your decisions.

Don't worry it's not gonna be like you fear. It will be just like it's now.

Wait , so will this mess with the currently used lots besides renumbering them? Scares me , I don't want my "hard work" gone to waste :O

miner, please assume the best before assuming the worst. We did this a couple of times already. only your lot name would change. And maybe all your diamond ore converts into primed TNT. Otherwise everything will stay the same.

Yay! Primed TNT!