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Kingdom Railways Map Project

Hello all :)

I have undertaken the task to make a map of all public and open railways existing in the Kingdom world.

This has been a wonderful trip, which has led me through obviously different networks who only have limited points of interconnection.

The meta-networks span is about 4300 blocks horizontal and 3700 blocks vertical.

I have referenced 104 stations and 137 point-to-point lines. They're all in a google sheet that anyone should be able to see here, with most coords and comments:

(if you have a google account and want to edit this document please send me an email at

The stations are more or less well placed on the map, I only have moved them a bit in some cases to make the map a bit more readable.

The lines themselves DO NOT follow the actual path, that would have been too messy.

I invented a lot of station names when I found no sign or no one online to give me a hint.. please make any obvious suggestion.

Warning: some connections are tricky to find. For example here's a challenge: now that you know that it exists, try to find the entrance to the BSP station (for "Big Tunnels Spawn") a couple of blocks south of spawn.

I have put all the lines that need a fixing of some kind in dotted.. that includes "no black wool", "missing torches", "missing rail" or even "was set on fire during the trip" :).

If you know of some line that I forgot and that might be worth including, please tell me.

The map was build using Publisher, I'd be glad to share the master file or an .xps impression. In the meantime, for collective sharing, here are some basic screenshots:

Uncovery Kingdom Railways Map Project

(on top right you have a tool button which allows you to view the images in original resolution)

Enjoy :)

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Hey Steph - this is again crazy what you did - if people would know what work is behind that!

No xrays were used during the making of these images... maybe

None at all, but you might want to try the DOC-MAN line if you're into X-Ray stuff..

I have to chime in and say that I love this topic. If anyone wants a subway through their lot or wants some work done on an existing system then please let me know. This is the type of work that I enjoy.

Thank you, Stephdog for putting this map together!

Outstanding work, steph.

I absolutely love this project. I've noticed all the hard work you've put into the tunnels and am astounded by the time it must have taken. Seriously fine work man.

Thanks a lot all, but easy.. I didn't put here nearly as many hours as the people who dug the tunnels, set roofs and walls and layed the tracks.

As building goes, I only did the CAT-ANN subway and CAT-SVW skyrail, and that already was as much work as making this map.. and I made them plain, no fancy stuff. Some roof and walls in those lines are truly amazing. It almost makes me want to go back through it all and make a collection of pics :).

Nice work!

Wow. Now I need to go and make all the Imperium Subways look good if people are going to start using them....

Hello Jonno :)

First thing before decoration would be to make the railways fully functionnal.

(I volunteer to help for the job if you don't mind authing me, I've been doing maintenance stuff - torches, rails, wools - everywhere I could on the network while I was visiting)

Start using? xD We've been using them :)


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I'm extracting this because I saw that many new tracks, stations and lines have been added since I published that file, and I did touch the publisher file ever since, although I still have it here.

In any case, before working on the publisher file, it is required to update the following table, which lists all stations and lines, with naming and xyz Kingdom coords:

If anyone is interesting to update it, even if it's only partial to one part she or he's been working on, I'll be happy to provide writing access :) (send me an email to

Happy riding!


Perhaps one day you and I can work together when we're both online so we can catalog some subway and stations that are going in/being removed because of abandoned lots. Not immediately, but over the course of the next couple of weeks as things get finished. I'm sure I have some that are on the list, and some that aren't... and several of each are changing :)

Hey everyone,

Wasn't too sure where else to put this, but we've been working on another large subway system that we'd like to add to the kingdom map spreadsheet. If you'd like to check it out, or would like to connect to it someday, here's a map of what we have so far!

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Interesting :)

If you can figure out a way to connect to to Pine Pag and my line, let's do it.

I will definitely look into that!

Owl and reidi were working on some expansions a while back. I gave them the permission to go through some of my lots, but I'm not sure if they ever did. If I have any lots that can help, let me know.