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Less Time for Minecraft

Odd that this post should be the one to push my "hello to the server" post off the list of most recent posts in this particular forum.

Anyway, I'm looking to spend less time playing Minecraft which of course means less time on Uncovery. Nothing should reset for a while, and I do intend to play now and then. I'm thankful for the donator extra reset delay.

This server has the most wonderful community of players I've ever found on a server. You know who you are.

Floored: I seem to have lost the code for that keep off the nether roof plugin, but it was almost entirely made from an example provided by unc in a different forum post. I therefore didn't post it to github.

Again, thanks to everyone who made my time here so enjoyable and I hope to see you all from time to time.

Hi Quid,

This happens to a lot of us, I actually spend less time on the server right now aswell..

You've brought a lot to the community already and you will always be welcome back again anytime.

I hope that new time will be well spent on your side :)