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Let me explain!

I'm sure those of you who know me have noticed i've been absent in the last month which makes no sense because it's summer break for me so I should have beaucoup time to play right? Wrong. One of my coworkers at a different branch of my pharmacy had a very unexpected aneurism resulting in emergency brain surgery and is still in the ICU :( So i've taken on her schedule at her store as well as mine at my own store. Right now i'm on day 8 of 13 in a row working about 10 hours a day. So I haven't been able to do much but work, drive, and sleep occasionally. Hopefully my schedule can ease up in the near future so I can do things like minecraft or sit down. Hope I haven't been missing all the fun!
See you around!

Best wishes to her. I hope all goes well. Glad they were able to save her. Those can be deadly if not caught in time. Remember RL first. We will always be here when things slow down.

your still a nub!

Kidcodiwise, the hard working pharmacist.

Wow. I hope she will be well, and I hope you find some time for sleep!

Take care of yourself, and we will try not to miss you too much:p

awww, i'll be prayin for both of you : /
if you get any spare time, dont worry about us codi, just relax, kay?