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Let's build an Asian village!

Hi fellow build-enthusiasts!

I was thinking of buying a kingdom lot the other day, and I decided I'll make a big but simple hill village, Asian-style. I bought the lot and started terraforming, when I had the idea: I'll ask all of you to build a small hut/house/farmland/something to my lot, so it'll be kinda collection of uncovery-style creativity! So anyone who's willing to contribute to this idea:

1. comment below and I'll add you to the lot.
2. pick your spot (not too huge, 10x20ish) on kingdom h_16 and mark it with something (don't fence it completely tho). A sign will do for ex.
3. build a simple but pretty part of an Asian village, that's the only criteria. It should bring Asia to your mind when u look at it.

-Build near the road. Don't build anything to the snowy area. I'll build a tower and a little bigger monastery there.
-No mining more than it's necessary for your build. Which brings me to..
-No extensive terraforming, some slight changes are allowed, like leveling a small area, or removing/planting a tree or few, or building a cellar/well/fountain etc. Also don't remove all the tall grass, leave some.
-Bring your own stuff mostly. (I may be able to throw something your way, but not everything for everyone).
-Rules of the server, u know what they'll do to griefers, right?
-I will not be giving any prizes or such, it's your choice if u wanna participate, I wont pay you for it.

I hope I'll get many many "applications" in the coming days. I'll start adding people when/if I get ten of those. If I don't, then I'll do something else with the lot.

Welcome and thanks.

Define "Asian" as that is a really general area....

Glad you asked. It's supposed to be a wide definiton. I dont want dozens of same-looking buildings. I just want them to have something in common, in this case they should bring some part of Asia to mind.

So can I build a huge wall that can be seen from space?

Hmmh, actually a "great wall" is not a bad idea. I'll think about it if this project ever gets built. :D

It seems a slight change of plan is in order. I would still appreciate any help, but a chance to join imperium has occurred, and it means imo bigger, more awesome-looking builds than I've asked for earlier. So tell me if you're willing to help/participate.

Theme is still Asian, only now we have an era, pre-1700-ish. I would like it to showcase some japanese and chinese style, but also indian, mongolian, tibetan and maybe even russian styles. First thing asian buildings bring to mind is a japanese pagoda with curved roofs and stuff, but thats not all there is to japanese, let alone asian building styles.

How has this gone? You should come help out in Kawasumii....

AzJaguar and I have been busy there for a few months and there is still a ton of space for stuff.

This has gone the way that I have built some structures alone, while epicgreen12 and Sleeping_Owl have been helping me mostly resource-wise, thx guys! So this is kinda on hold atm.

I will continue on it tho after my castle on the empire is done. And that castle is also the reason I'm not able to help you guys out right now. The little time I have for playing in the first place goes into that castle. But I would like to help when I have time. I have also wanted to stop by and see your creations for a while now, but havent gotten it done yet. I should stop by soon! And you (and everyone, actually) are welcome to come see the castle construction site too. Emp_t24.