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Lots Reset

My lots were reset, Emberstorms were not. But we both donated the same day, and verified that our lots hadn't be reset at that point. We hadn't known about the user level issue, and we donated the same day we saw that it had become an issue.

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I have also lost a rank and went from architect to designer, which means I can't even reserve one of the lots I previously had.

I see that this should not have happened. You donated and the reset happened afterwards. I'll restore your lots.

From what I see here it's emp_k18, emp_k19, emp_l19 

You userlevel is correct, it's the lot manager which is broken to see the correct level. See previous blogpost regarding this.

Sorry about that.

Thank you Uncovery! I logged on today and the lots were still not restored. I am not sure about the user level, given the problems you've been having. It is reflecting that I am an architect, with architect number of lots. However, on 1/14/2018 I was promoted to designer, but that may be a glitch with the system you are already dealing with.

Please check again now. I found some more bugs in the meantime and fixed them. You should be designer now and have your lots reinstated. Thanks for your patience