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So I just voted and noticed that the Uncovery server has reached position 45 of 6542 in popularity which I think is pretty good going. Not much surprise, though as this is an excellent server.

The issue with those lists is that you do hardly get ANY visitors unless you are on the front page. Once you are on the front page, you get so many that it becomes an issue 😀

We actually should try to reduce the amount of lists that we are voting on and instead increase the voting reward for the 1-3 that we really care about to get a higher ranking there.

The server is only on the third page, but you're right, most are only interested in (or can be bothered) in reading the first page. I agree with your idea for reducing the list.

If that process can reduce the number of clicks we have to do our daily voting, it will be very welcome 🙂