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More Griefing in Darklands

Some picture frames have been taken from the building that houses the spawn portal.  These were holding torches.  At the first cords they are still there.  x 16, y 73, z - 74.  At x 0, y 73, z -90, the left frame is missing.  At x-16, y 73, z -74 they are both there.  At x 0, y 73, z -58 both are missing.  One of the torches was broken a while back on accident by someone.  tymann 99 said he broke it by accident and remember him saying that several days ago, he did not grief that.  The 2 picture frames was taken recently.

People do not think that you can take a few blocks and that it will not go noticed.  People are watching and will report it.  It may go a few days but it will be noticed and reported.  Uncovery does not tolerate griefing, this includes in the darklands.  Darklands is free to build but is not free to grief.  Do not think you will get away with it.  So please people don't do it.  The server has lost some people due to them making a poor decision of doing this.  Please if you need something there are better ways of getting these items then taking them.  There are people that can help.

I hate having to post this because there is a chance that someone will get a ban for griefing.  Please don't grief.  It is not worth it.  This is a great server.  I do not think there is another one out there as good as this.  I lost a few friends here because they made the wrong choice.  I don't want to lose more. CRY

Also Santa is watching.  He gives coal to griefers.

More just happened.  Someone took the glowstone lamps.

Cords x-18, y 64, z 14.   There are 10 missing on the path.

Cords x - 70, y 68, z 24.   There are 8 glowstone lampss missing on the path.

Cords x 7, y 63, z 13.   Missing 2 lamps and some other damage.

Cords x -3, y 64, z - 42.  Library window is broken.  In library missing lamps ( several), the enchanting table and bookshelves are gone, cords x -20, y 64, z -42

Cords x -5, y 28, z -11 The Zombie xp spawner was damaged.


Also today flubberbass came on saying they was Jazzus.  Said they got ban for griefing in Darklands but they did not .  Told them to contact Uncovery about this.  I do not know if they did the griefing in Darklands but it happened after this.  The following screenshot shows what they said.


The griefing happened after I took the screenshot on the chat.

Maybe stop building in the darklands?  It's more trouble than it's worth.  That world was conceived more for resource-gathering than building.  The reason we have lots with permissions and protections is so that we don't have to police every window that gets broken.  Otherwise, it's more work and headaches for everybody.

I know that, but I'm out of room to build on my lot where it's protected.

I know I take a risk in building in Darklands, and that is why I won't make anything out of it if Unc says he's not going to fix the damage. It just bugs me that someone would go around just taking stuff.

Griefing is griefing.  It does not mater if you build on your property or in the darklands.  No one has the right to destroy what someone else builds.  The darklands is very huge and plenty of room to go and get resources.  There is not need for someone to take down builds that are not theirs.  Do we really want people on the server that have so little respect for others that they will destroy what is not theirs?  The building around darkland's spawn was done by a group of people, not just one.  That area shows what this server is.  People working together and making great builds.  It is nice to have an area that you can go to and help make look better by adding to the building.

This was the first time I ever worked with a group on minecraft and it was a lot of fun.  Everyone that worked on it had a lot of fun.  None of us want to see it taken apart just because someone is too lazy to get their on stuff or that they get a kick out of destroying other people's stuff.  The person or people that did this are not wanted on this server.  It was disrespectful to all those that put in time, effort and items to make the area look good.

Also it was not just one window that was destroyed.  Someone took a lot of glowstone lamps, the torches, an enchanting table, bookshelves, and destroying a lot of blocks to get those items.  People that do this are not friends to the server, they are destroyers.

Dakota, once Uncovery sees who did this I will help rebuild it back to the way it was.

ok guys, found the guy who did most of it as far as I can see and undid everything, banned him.

If there is anything leftover broken, tell me the coordinates please.

Btw by now I consider the darklands spawn as some kind of honeypot. If people think they can do the obvious, then I will find them now and ban them, undo the damage and we move on. If it becomes too frequent, we will have to see how we move on.

All righty. Thanks for fixing things and dealing with the griefer.