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Mushroom City Kingdom Project

Update to those interested..

As many of you know I have been working very hard on the mushroom city kingdom project on G8 for months now. I made each of the large mushrooms and terraformed the lot. As great as my mushrooms look it occured to me that if they were ever to be copied to the city people would likely fly above and around them. So, I took a close look at the tops of my mushrooms and realized that although they look great on the inside, on the outside they looked like upside down tops (think spinning tops like a jewish dreidel). The mushrooms were far too pointy. I took off many layers on the top but even then they just didn't look good. After about a week of consideration, and talks with others I have come to the painful decision to completely dismantle the thousands of blocks that make up the mushroom tops and redo them. They will be redone using the guide of plotz dome generator. I don't generally like using a pre-made schematic for my designs but in this case I think it's best. This will delay the project another couple months but rest assured progress will continue to be made..steadily. Thank you for all those who have helped me thus far with advice, supplies, and compliments. Your support has boosted my confidence as a new builder and kept me going. :)

Also, since sockso has taken a leave of absence from the server I'll be finishing his giant brown mushroom. I hope when he comes back he'll be happy with how I finished his mini-project.

I'll have to stop by and take a look! looked great last time I was there.

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Here are images i took as i was starting to tear the mushrooms down. The first image shows the 2nd tallest mushroom before I flattened the top so you can see how pointy they all used to be. The other two are images i took after i flattened the tops to try and make them look better. I figured if it would be nice for those who haven't seen my mushrooms to have a picture of what I'm talking about.