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Mysterious Server Time-outs

I have been disconnected (timed out) from the server three times upon logging in over the past few weeks. I have noticed that it has only occurred when I logged in around my kingdom road lot around spawn, and it only seems to happen when I log on (or maybe its just that I'm always logging on in the same area). I am able to get on the server, but it immediately crashes. When the server times-out, everyone is kicked (I believe), but sometimes, it shows that I'm still online when I ping the server again (which is a bit creepy). I have turned off all my redstone devices but this still occurs.

On a different note, it appears as though all the profile pictures have been reset to the default "steve" image except for a couple of users.

Is there anything that can be done about this?

Once or twice I've had trouble connecting with java exceptions being sited, upon launcher and game restart,  Ican connect - I don't know if this is related - also a few times in the last several days.

That's really hard to track down. If you can get repeatable results, specially with someone else getting the same, I can pin it down to a location issue in the server. Otherwise I cannot know if it's your client, your connection or something on the server.

Okay. I've had repeated time-outs (more than 10-15 times now) with me teleporting or logging into the Kingdom Spawn region. It has happened only in that area multiple times and has not crashed any other time or at any other location. It has timed out/crashed/closed the server etc. with varied results (all times the server kicks everyone and restarts). It only seems to happen if nobody has entered the region in a while (I can tp in and out if the first time I go it doesn't crash). Once the region is entered and the server crashes/reboots I can re-enter it without trouble. I'm pretty sure that it's a regional issue.

Is it L12_a and L13? A while ago we had a guy that came in and devasted an area in flatlands... with a huge pile of dirt. I saw him on the map also on these lots close to your "rocket". Wasnt in game but on discort... some of his words were something like "Uncovery it's too easy to mess up your server" or something similar. I did not pay more attention because at yours there was no damage and after the incident in flatlands that guy got banned for the reason of being a jerk. Possibly there was more.

The stuff in the flatlands was fixed and removed.

It only happens around the kingdom spawn. If I'm further out in the L13 lot, it does not happen. L12_a right next to spawn is the only place where it has crashed (so I assume the trigger area is the spawn/around it).

I am almost certain that it is a location issue. Even on lots nearby spawn I get disconnected. The server then can take from a couple seconds to several minutes to restart.