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Name Tags

I was thinking about name tags. They are very rare. The only way to get them is to do some darklands exploring. This is well and good but what of those of us who cannot commit the time to exploring massive amounts of the darklands? We could buy them from other users in the shop. The only problem is, not many people sell theirs. I was thinking it would be a good idea to have Uncovery sell them in the shop. To keep the prices fair to those people who do collect and sell nametags I was thinking of a starting price of 1,000 Uncs per name tag. It is not super cheap but then they are hard to get. It also gives other players room to undercut uncovery prices and still make a profit. Please comment with pro's or con's so we can see if it is maybe something we should bring to Uncovery.

Just for the record, we have had hard to find blocks on sale before. Cracked stone, circle stone, they were all only stronghold items that were hard to find so were sold in the shop by Uncovery.

i think this is a fair idea. As the largest current stockist of name tags, I support this move to list them in a similar manner as we have previously.

Did villagers stop to sell Name Tags already?

Stephdeg is correct. Version 1.8 made name tags easy through villager trading.

you can make those stone yourself

So name tags are sold through villagers now? Did not know that. It does make it a bit easier. As for the stone it was an example of past Trading. Before they became craftable.

What takes a bit of time now is setting up the villager system for creating emeralds in order to buy the name tags from the Librarians. The list of items accepted by villagers now has the player gathering a bunch of different resources to their villager stations. Auto sorting helps. :)