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New Community Tree Farm!

Since a side-effect of the anti-grief protections around Darklands spawn is that Settlers can no longer use the tree-farm there, and I found myself in need of all four colors of wood, I built a new public tree farm at the safehouse at the end of the Desert Line:


Edit -- it won't seem to let me hot-link the image (and I can't find a way to upload). So here' the link to the screenshot.


Edited again -- oh, just posting the URL plain, without any tags, causes the image to hotlink. How about that?

Is no one interested?

I realize it's not a masterpiece of Minecraft architecture --  but I thought that someone might be happy to hear about  public tree-farm, with all four woods, that settlers can still use? Or should I have just built this on my own lot?

Very nice.

Good job