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New Darkland's Spawn house

Going by Unc's post "Spigot might have a stable version in the next 2-3 weeks as per estimates." Posted on 8/28/18.  So it looks like the merge will be happening maybe this month, guessing.  If so then we might want to get a spawn house up by then.  I noticed a huge pit near spawn in the temp darkland's.  I was told that this is where the new house and rail station will be.  It looks to be going a bit slow, so I have some questions.

1. Who all is working on this?

2. What mats are needed?

3. Do you need help?

I am not trying to step on anyone's toes, so please let me know if I am.  Just trying to get a bit organized on this.  I am currently connecting a mesa tunnel to the jungle tunnel and then plan to branch off to a reef.  Just the starter tunnel, 2 x 3. As soon as I am done with this I can help, if needed.

I'm sorry if this is a question easily found somewhere.  The temp server DL is going to be the new one ?



Yes Arc :) as mentioned on the webpage! Temp Server is going to be the new DL.

And Vixen as long as I know I think it was Daiy beginning with that pit.

I have already dug down to the south as you have seen and collected tons of rails :)

I don’t remember who said it, but I heard that was going to have a glass dome like the other world’s spawns.... if so, I don’t think that is wise. Glass will let the sun through and we will get burned.


It is is a great location for the spawn house. Central to all of the community use areas, and beautiful paths surrounding.


I do see small differences whenever I pass it. It is obvious someone is working on it...

I would be willing to help, if the original person had specific instructions; like, dig this hole to y level ___.

Whoever ends up owning this . . please post a list of what you need, even if it is gear. I have plenty I am willing to donate.

Instructions also help, I can crush any digging needed and happy to put out some beacons to speed the process when I am online. Aesthetic stuff - not really my strong suit - hit up Luke.


Daiyamondo was on today and stated the spawn hole build is his project. His instructions were not entirely clear but it seems it is an inverted bowl shape. Per his instructions, I cleared out the bowl as he defined the edges. No idea how to proceed from here . . but if you see Dai logged on . . .

Will there be "public villagers" area as is in current Darklands?

I happen to get "pocket farmer", that gives me, when I don't distract, 2-2.5 stacks of emeralds every 30 minutes. I spend them so far in the current Darklands, to gather as many Silk Touch, Mending etc books as possible. Feel free to let me know if anyone needs those.

AFAIK, there's no way to transfer stuff from current server and new one. But if someone still needs much birch wood etc, let me know after the server is upgraded - perhaps I have something anyone else needs.

What's "pocket farmer"? Please note that I don't want to see any larger scale automation on the temp server, that includes villager breeding facilities. We are running 2 servers now on the same machine and the main one has priority.

I keep 6 villagers in my Empire lot:
- a farmer
- 3 librarians
- a blacksmith
- a fisherman

They are remaining in pens (do not breed, do not do whatever else, kept for trading only).

I was asking about similar "caged" librarians, to buy enchanted books from them. Nothing else.