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New Darklands Subways

Hey all, as you're more than likely aware 1.13 is around the corner and with it comes Blue Ice blocks, which can be made from packed ice. This moves SIGNIFICANTLY faster than minecarts by using boats and we're looking to implement routes for boats too. VixenGold has a storage area set up and will be taking packed ice donations and hosting events to go to the Darklands to gather more.

Also, we can use this forum thread to keep track of other supplies needed to help make this transition successful. We appreciate all contributions and are looking forward to having a new ways to connect you through the Darklands :D

Will be planing an ice gather party this Sunday.  Will love silk touch pickaxe donations.  Need some people to guard and some to gather.  Will make a safe area to put chests that creepers cannot get into at the gathering area.  The more people, the more fun.  :)


I can donate a bunch of diamond EFF V, Silk touch picks, just let me know where you want them to go.


Thanks on the offer of the pickaxes.  If you can hang on to them for right now.  Still looking for people to help gather the packed ice.  If I can not get a group together then we will use what we have when we build the tunnels.  The ice areas are rough with the ice skellys and I would not want to go there with just my daughter and me.  I am used to going out and gathering supplies by myself when needed for the darklands public projects but the ice gathering one is a bit too big for just me.

We currently have 27 double chests of packed ice.  It takes 9 packed ice to make 1 blue ice, in the next update.  That makes 3 double chests of blue ice.  Luke tunnel plan has for 2 lines of blue ice with rails over, one for each direction, and 3 lines for boats to go on.  Estimated needing 60 double chests of blue ice, making 540 double chests of packed ice.  The rails over the packed ice will go 10x faster than over packed ice.  This will make the rails super fast.  I believe that Luke said it was as fast as using an Electra.  So gather parties will be needed if we want to have super sonic speed for the rails in the new darklands.

use invisible potions, that's  how i do it


I can likely help with some of the ice gathering on Sunday.

Also, I wonder if some optimizations were taken into account in figuring out how much we need.

While I am not sure on the rails but for the boat paths it looks like you can get good speed by either having a blue ice every other or every 4th block.

Just to add to this, they've nerfed the speed of blue ice in the 18w16a snapshot since it was going too fast for game chunks to load properly. It's still really quick though.

Sorry to say but I will be calling off the ice party for this Sunday.  Sick as a dog and throwing up right now.

I have about 302 double chests full of packed ice I can donate. Just let me know where to send or put them.

Oh wow Ember, thank you very much.  I will be on later today.