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New Donation area near Spawn in temp server

There is now a donation area for the spawn area builds on the temp server.  It is by the Spawn cow farm, under 2 sets of stairs, by the water.  There is also a message there.  Donations are welcomed.  Just ask that you take what you need and not to stockpile the stuff.  It is called "Take a Block, Leave a Block."  I will be gathering the leftover stuff in spare chests and placing all the stuff here to make one spot for donations and gathering.  Happy Building

Will manage that together with you - okay? Placing chests, labeling, overviewing...

Sure.  The more that join in on stuff, the better.

If you would like specific donations, please let me know. I'm good at gathering, less so at building pretty stuff.


I've added an enderchest and some prismarine, for people who want to build conduits.

(PS: I'm also the one who installed a conduit under the maps tree house, which is gorgeous btw).

ON TEMP DL: If anyone has any birch that they do not need I would be happy to trade iron for.  Dug a 50 x 50 x 50, about that size, underground park.  Got a lot of iron from digging this pit.  Going to do the walls out of birch and the top and about 10 levels down in leaves.  Then make a huge birch in the middle of a pool of water.  Got the pool done and working on the walls and roof.  The park is under my jungle treehouse island if anyone to see.  Got about 2 - 3 weeks worth of work still but it is starting to look good.

I've let you some birch log in your deposit box in the post office - have fun :)

Thank you so very much.  :)


Thank you Riedi and Stephdeg.  Have plenty of Birch now.  :)  Another few days and should be done with the first park.