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New Minecraft Account


I recently started playing minecraft again, and had an account with the username Zekurom earlier. I posted in "the Lounge" with the title "back in business".

The problem is, i dont have access to to that account on Mojang anymore, the email i used on it is no longer accessable, so i have to use this account, which has always been my backup.

So, the problem, i'm wondering if its possible that you transfer all the details on the other account with the username "zekurom", to this account "heavenflame10" or "zekuurom" (changed it earlier today, but not updated on the website), so i dont lose anything. I have 2 plots, but you dont have to migrate those, as i have not been able to use them.

If you need to ask me any questions, to verify me, go ahead 🙂

Hey there & welcome back.

What exactly do you want to migrate? I don't have the possibility to transfer "everything" since everything is spread over many databases, tables and fields. If there is something specific then I can try to do that, but in any case, it's a lot manual work.

Hey Unc,

Its basically my "architect" rank, and my money i want transfered over to my new account.

Hey @Uncovery

Do you have the ability to give my other account " zekuurom" the architect rank, since thats the rank i originally am. and also transfer the uncs i have on this account to "zekuurom" instead?

I'm asking on this account, so you have proof that both accounts are mine 🙂


Yeah can do. If you don't have access to the old account on MC anymore I will de-mote that then.