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New project in Kingdom, any interest?

Me and a few others are going to start building the UNSC Infinity in Kingdom. We already have one plot, but we will need more. The build is going to be sized down by 11 times, which means it will be about 517  x 75 x 94 blocks, so it is going to take a while to make. I'd love to have people help with this big project. We are starting this today, but any interest to take part is welcome.

I recommend that you save a few pictures of the ship, as this is going to be very detailed. Also, you should know some stuff about Halo. It's just to make it easier for you.

If you are interested, comment here or tell either me or EternalDarknes0 in game.

I hear their are blueprints of the ship too.

Blueprints?? Where can I find those?? :D

They came with the special edition of halo 4.know anyone? Get scans.or go online or see if another store will help u.maybe gamestop.

It was a rumor.may or may not be true.i know their was a schematic for the spartan i may be wrong.

Ummmm.....well, good luck! :D I may be a Huge Halo fan, but building a ship that is over 6 miles long sounds a bit...tedious and I don't really have the supplies, nor the unc's to support it, But I wish you luck Fredde!