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New snapshot 1.14

Bamboo, and pandas to name a few new items in the latest snapshot.  Also tons of new stairs and slabs.

When I saw that on a youtube vid I thought it was joke. Not because of the pandas or the bamboos, they're fine.. but because 1.13 is hardly out yet on the servers. They surely are speeding things up.

Well snapshots can take 1-2 months until they are ready for release, but still, you are right, the speed is very high.

If 1.14 is out in 2 months that would be astonishing.. you'd probably think about waiting for 1.15 to update the server yet again (depending on the work involved) ;p

More on the 1.14.  This looks interesting.


like the idea of the sneezing panda, you sometimes get the snot. but finally you can get every block craftable in stairs, slabs and walls

Well, comparing current experience - phantoms and drowneds are already quite a challenge. Darklands is already much more lethal because of either (now I have to take an extended potion of regeneration every time I submerge into water, o simply build near shore).

Since pillagers and illager beast will unlikely plague most of lots, 1.14 won't be much harder. But yes, if it's release relatively soon, I suppose it might be wise to wait for 1.15 🙂

I have a different perception of the difficulty:

- With the exception of trident (which are a bit rare), drowned can't hit you when you're on a boat. At first it's a bit scary to have them mobbing around you when you pass over a multiple ocean temple site (in case you haven't spotted the lights and structure, they're a good indicator that there's one nearby), but in the end they're easy xp.

- Once you have a conduit in your enderchest (and it won't be long before we all have one), living underwater in the DL will be a piece of cake, making underwater mining in the new DL cheaper and easier than current DL mining (which requires a lot of lanterns/glowstone).

Edit: (testing the function ;p): btw, I found out in the tempo server that you could actually breathe while lying on a bed.. obviously sleeping in the DL won't make the day come, but it might serve as a mean to breathe underwater, while keeping the fantoms away.


Well, perhaps I was lucky to see 5 out of 7 first drowneds I encountered (in Empire) brandishing tridents. And they are launching them at scaring speed, and it was nearly impossible to duck, while under water. But yes, when new Darklands is  being searched, and conduits become a common item that will change.

For the time being, there's no problem to get equipped with Regeneration and best armor I get, to be able to at least "/home" away.



Oooooooo  Lanterns.  I can not wait.