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New to Uncovery

Gald to meet Uncovery community. The very process of getting whitelisted/allowed to build is very unusual. Perhaps this is what makes the place interesting.

In short about me: gamer since 1990-th, living in Novosibirsk (Russia). System administrator and fiction writer. My family likes Minecraft, I don't know who's the most dedicated 'crafter.

Hope to be of help to this community, although I can't dedicate all my time to playing, of course.

Welcome! :D

Welcome to uncovery! You'll love it here. We have a great community, filled with awesome helpers and friends. Have fun!

welcome aboard sir! i hope you find the server quite satisfactory, and dont hesitate to holler if you need anything at all. i try to make it a point to help out all fresh mean, new uncoverians.... as much as possible, no matter how frivolous the quest! ^_^

Thanks for kind words. No problem asking for help - I try to do that only if I absolutely can't handle something myself.

Well, I hope you're Stayen!

badum tsss

Glad to have ya!! :) Hope you find this community as loving as I have