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Non-Occulto Imperium Idea :

Hey. When I talked about me joining in to help the build of the N.O.I., I was thinking of ideas of what I could I build for the city of mine..

So! If anyone of the presidents or whatever :P has heard of the Hunger Games (Book), you would know about the districts and capitol. For a city design, I could follow the books details of either District 12, or District 13, with District 13 being underground.

Reply to me with your ideas. The lot i was thinking of taking right now was taken by kingoftheschool, and I just found out, KING_E3. Reply with lots that could be connected to the rail system or anything in that matter.


It sounds like a neat idea....

However, the Imperium is solely a collection of medieval builds, and to my knowledge, the hunger games(book) takes place in a far different time period.

Our "nation" is exclusive to only projects that are contemporary with the medieval era. Also, applicants whom wish to join must adhere to a certain standard/quality level. I don't mean to sound stuck up or pompous, but it is what it is.

Your proposal is a great idea, and you should give it a go; but, we can not admit such a project in to the imperium. Sorry.

Yes, you are completely true about the book taking place in an advanced future. But if you did read it, District 12 isn't very "futuristic". Yes, it had a tv here and there, but the district was one of the poorests. Mostly the build would consist of wooden house, stone brick and etc.


The problem is that the books take place in a dystopian society. The opposite of a utopia. Those ideas take place in the future, so the architecture wouldn't be medieval, and while District 12 isn't quite what we call 'futuristic,' being a bit less grandiloquent, it's not medieval. However, it's a cool idea, and I think you should definitely still pursue it!

Oh I'm so sorry! It's like a chain too. Baron took my planned lot, F3

Lolol, sucks King doesn't it?