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Non-Occulto Imperium Lot Ownership(Please read if this applies to you)


Hey, I am making this post due to the growing concern within our project, pertaining to the possibility that certain lots may be lost at some point due to inactivity.

Thus, I propose that there be group ownership of all lots considered to be under imperium influence. These lots include:(but are not limited to)

-kingdom lots owned by iamjonno23
-lots owned by myself
-lots owned by pagreifer
-lots owned by sleepystrangekid
-lots owned by sleeping_owl
-lots owned by F1

How this works:

In the event that one of the above users goes inactive, or nears an inactive state, their lots can be immediately transfered to another person, named above whom is fit to maintain their project(s).

If you are one of the five people named(excluding myself), please show your approval/dissaproval with a comment to this forum post. If you dissaprove, you will be exempt from shared lot ownership.

Also, if you feel that you should be included on this list, you must already be a member of the imperium, and have a relatively major project going. If you meet such criteria, please do not hesitate to comment here as well.

I show approval. (for now, may change later depending on who goes on the list)

Last Will and Testament of Sleeping_Owl

I, Sleeping_Owl of, revoke former Wills and Codicils and declare this to me my Last Will and Testament.

I direct that my just debts be first paid from my estate.

I direct that my Residuary Estate (kingdom lots and loot) be distributed to SleepyStrangeKid. If he does not survive me, my residuary estate shall be distributed to Pagreifer. If Pagreifer does not survive me, my residency estate shall be distributed to the following beneficiaries in equal shares:
Iamjonno23, F1, and Pinebenj.

I nominate SleepyStrangeKid as the Executor, without bond. If such person does not serve for any reason, I nominate Pinebenj to be the Executor, without bond.

My Executor, in addition to other powers, shall have the right and power to lease, sell, mortgage, or otherwise encumber any real or personal property that may be included in my estate, without order of court and without notice to anyone.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I type my name below this 20th day of May, 2013.

Will be adding to this post later when i get home.tiny screen on an ipod is terrible for making larges posts.

I am in agreement with these terms. If I go inactive I would like my kingdom plots to be transferred to Iamjonno23. If he is no longer active then I would like my lots to be transferred to Pinebenj. Thanks.

Also, if I go inactive for any reason whatsoever. Jonno and/or Pagreifer can have Heaven's Reach.

Sleeping_Owl will get my kingdom lots and everything on it,if he is inactive,will go to pinebenj,then pagriefer.

If I go inactive, please ban all of the above listed people.

I hereby accept ownership of all lots above.

Is this what you meant Pine?

In seriousness, after all the work that Pine, Pagreifer (and a few select others) and myself did on that subway project, along with the overall and future plans for the Imperium, I agree with this plan. If I go inactive, I would like my lots to go to Pinebenj and then Pagreifer (simply because of location).

Just give them all to , that will solve the problem.Im old and have nothing else to do.

One also has a Kingdom lot in the mix. We haven't built there yet, but there are plans for it and maybe another. Once we get more of Shanmullach built up.

It's here, the first subway map. It is not entirely documented as there are other routes, that connect into the system that are not functioning properly, but here are the main ones. Enjoy! Let me know when there are new updates needed. Kingdom Subway - 21 May 2013

If I ever get in on the imperium, (which i hope to someday do) I can help close the gap between the main system and One and I would like Sleeping to first take the lot in the case of inaction, and if Sleeping Also happens to go inactive I would like to send it with his own lot.

I agree to the terms and conditions, hereby signed:


I would like to choose Pinebenj as primary inheritor and Jonno as secondary inheritor (for the sake of proximity and project knowledge).

Luke, the map looks great!

I never thought that this thing would take on the life it did when Pine and I first talked about starting a little subway for our cities. The Imperium that we proposed has turned into a HUGE project and it is awesome how many people want to be a part of it! Thanks to all of you that spent a few moments, or hours (long long hours) digging with Pine, Pagreifer, and I. All of your work and diamond tools are much appreciated!

There are big plans for the subway still, as well as the Imperium coming up. You may want to make more room on that map Luke!

And Luke, I want an email with that seal. It's awesome. It needs to be my screensaver.

Thanks Jonno! Glad you love it. Here is the seal. Seal

Okay guys, I uploaded the new map, and started a thread to not clutter this one.

Live Long & Prosper,

I leave it all to Daiyamondo! :D

I agree to the terms and conditions
I'd like my lot to go to Pinebenj in the event of my death / leaving the server.