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Non-Occulto Imperium Lot Ownership(Please read if this applies to you)


Since I am no longer part of this. I am taken off of everything.

As the most northern member (at the time of this posting) I agree.

I agree to the terms and conditions.
In the event of my absence, i leave my Pyramid lot to Sleeping_Owl, and my Floating city to IamJonno23.

thats fine with me and yes i know my name wasent on the list just doing as pine asks

I am in agreement with these terms. If I go inactive I would like my kingdom plots to be transferred to Iamjonno23. If he is no longer active then I would like my lots to be transferred to Pinebenj. Thanks.

Woot! MrsBaxter'sKohokuCat is in the Imperium!

If you need any help building, let me know. I am making government buildings in Kawasumii and Southern Shanmullach right now, and will set you up with an embassy and building perms there to properly furnish it yourself.

~~Revised~~ I agree to the terms and conditions. And in the event of absence of the parties, it goes as follows in accordance to the following persons. I leave my pyramid to LukeCreative, Sleeping_Owl, then IamJonno. My floating islands shall go to IamJonno, Pinebenj, then LukeCreative. And the rest of my cities and lots go to Pinebenj, Iamjonno, then LukeCreative. ~signed, Akium