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Ocean Dig

I plan to dig out a large area of my ocean lot in the kingdom, down to bedrock (about x:196 - z:196 - y:50 blocks in size giver or take a few hundred) while keeping it all source blocks of water. If anyone would be interested in assisting me you're welcome to help :)

I usually only play on the weekends but if you'd like to help I can temporarily give you building rights.

I've already dug out an outline of the area I'm clearing by removing all the surface dirt/sand down to stone.



I already have 4 conduits and a haste 2 beacon set up so instant mining (with an efficiency 5 pickaxe and Aqua Affinity on your helmet) and water-breathing/night-vision will be active.

Sure! Would be glad to help! I'm around this weekend.

Quote from The_Cave_Warrior on 2019/03/29, 05:57

Sure! Would be glad to help! I'm around this weekend.

Awesome! I'll probably hop on late Friday evening to make the area more user-friendly (digging out an area below the water so we aren't affected by mining slow-down from swimming without having our feet planted on a block) and then I'll most likely be on for a good chunk of Saturday and Sunday.

I'm busy today but tomorrow and Sunday I should be around :)