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Official Bye

I've lost all interest in minecraft and most games I play,I just find no fun in them. The people I enjoy,but thats it.


Sleepy! I know that we will all miss you. I never got to know you as much as I would have hoped. You were one of the most helpful people on the server, it showed! The community loved you, it will be hard to see you go. I know I can't say the sincerest of goodbyes, but farewell. I hope you have fun somewhere else. :)

The feeling is mutial, Will.

good luck to you, sleepy..

Sad to see you go Sleepy. Please stay. Too many good people are leaving. If anything stay a while and chat. Keep your lot and stuff incase you want to come back. Some people get burned out on minecraft for a while but come back.

Who's gonna assassinate AK and I in the DL now? Seriously gonna miss you man. Good times.

Damn. Say it aint so....

I understand though my friend. I often have a tough time finding inspiration when logging on sometimes. I hope that it isnt forever, and that we get to chat again. Stay golden Sleepy.

Travel well, sleepy. If you ever change your mind, I'm pretty sure you will be remembered :)

Seeing as you are still voting, I have hope we shall see you again Sleepy.

sleepy send me an email. mine is

Sad to hear, will miss you a lot. Please keep in contact on skype ok?

bubeyes ^_^ *waves*

We will all miss you sleepy. I know we didn't talk much to eachother, but I know you were a great person on the server, sad to see you go. Many of the good users are leaving, and sadly you were one of them. :(