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Pets of Uncovery

Thought it'd be fun to do a similar post to Faces of Uncovery but for the pets that are by our sides while we play.

This is Oliver. He's just over 2 years old and is probably more like a dog than a cat. He'll go for walks on a harness, play fetch (when he feels like it) and he can do a few tricks like sit, spin, high-five, and shake. While I am allergic to him, his company is worth the sneezes.


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Cute cat.

This is our new puppy, Lucky.  Got him in July.  He had a bad leg infection when we got him, I fixed him up.  A month later he got another leg infection, a different leg.  He was rough with the cats and one of them got in a lucky hit.  It got real bad but I nursed him back to health.  So he is living up to the name Lucky.  In the picture he is chewing on the heel of my foot as I try to get him to be still for a picture.  He looks to be part Border Collie and part Black n Tan coon dog.  Very smart.  Loves the kids and cats.  Loves chewing on the chairs, 3 chairs have been trashed so far.

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These are some of my neighbors, they are such party animals.  I have had around 10 at one time on my patio.  There are 3 of them that I can hand-feed cookies.  They love Oreos.

I have a cat who's name is catnip and a bunny called casserole, Casserole is a house rabbit and is extremely strong minded.  Catnip spends most of her time sleeping in the duvets and cushions around the house and occasionally brings in live animals from the outside verge

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Forgot I posted a pict of my dog.  Facepalm.  Sorry.  Well, he is a good puppy.

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