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Possible Griefing of Darklands Farm

This has happened several times and it needs to stop now.  People are taking all or most of the food in the public farm in Darklands Spawn and not replanting the seeds.  If you are too lazy to replant then stay out of the farm.  That is for who ever needs food BUT only if you replant the seeds.  That means plant carrots back where the carrots grow, potatoes where the potatoes grow and so no.  This does not mean to take and replant with wheat seeds.  This does not mean to take some and not replant.  This means replant what you take.  This has happened at least 5 or more times sense the new darklands was merged with the other worlds.

You are being disrespectful to everyone else that uses the farm when you can not leave it the way it was.  Many people took the time and effort to make the farm for EVERYONE to use  not for just one lazy person to use.  Several of us are having to take the time and material to replant the food back the way it was.  If you are too busy to replant then you are too busy to take in the first place.  There is even a sign right outside the door to the farm saying to please replant.

A lot of work, time, material, and effort went into making that area look real nice.  Lets keep it that way.  If you think it is funny to do this then you need to move on to another server.  If you are too lazy to replant then you need to buy on the shop and not touch the farm.  You are disrespectful to the server and everyone that has and still is making sure that the dark lands spawn continues to look good.  We do not need people like that here.  These are not the plants you are looking for, move along.