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Ravagers can grief in Empire

During a raid in Empire, I saw that the Ravangers have mob griefing on. They destroyed my birch tree's leaves (it was easily fixed).

Is this feature supposed to be off, or will they keep this ability?

What can they destroy? If the destruction is small, I leave it on. If it's significant, I can check if it's possible to prevent it.

If it's like endermen and they only steal one block, I'd rather leave it on.

They can destroy all plants (flower, leaf, food, etc.).

From what I see, they can't destroy buildings... just beautiful gardens.

Thanks for letting me know.

Frankly, I would consider this as an acceptable damage. I am trying to keep the server as close to Vanilla as possible, the fact that creepers cannot destroy stuff is already a huge path away from that, and in real life plants also don't live forever :D

So I hope you guys can support leaving it that way and replant in the rare occasion they get destroyed.