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Rebirth/ Conjoining?

Hello to all on uncovery!!

I'm going to cut to the chase, I honestly dont know what to call this because it is not a Hello nor goodbye.

I will call it rebirth!! ( sounds cheesy but true just give it a second)

I was once a avid player on this server and i loved every moment that i spent on it because of the atmosphere and the way that it is run! SO i am back but not the same as before... I was once called Rickard2010.... Yes IT is Me the guy that has been gone for like 2 years and i have missed you guys ever since!! I originally had that user name as a testament to my nickname from highschool and i also had another account that i used in secret until now... Rickard2010 as a username on the server is gone because i can no longer access the email that it was tied too. Blame TWC for messing with it. But Any way i am back from my hiatus that i had to take due to school( College student studying Computer Science) and work( got promoted and make to much money for what i do), Its the same old me and i am ready to make things again!!

I Missed you guys!!!