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Restoration project

I started in the Kingdom with the idea of building a little city with a harbor, and it was fun. A lot of you helped out on that first city, and we had a blast. It wasnt quite what I wanted though, and as I expanded I refined my building style. That original city "Shanmullach" sat idle for a long time, and some of us one day tried to make it look as if a huge battle took place. Mostly, we just made it worse.

I would like to see it fixed up, and returned to good standing in the Kingdom. If you would like to take over this clean up and restoration effort, please let me know. I would prefer to give rights to the lot to a long time stable user that was part of the original build, but as long as it is going to someone that is stable I would be ok with it. I can help some, but I have a few other projects that I am committed to as well, so I am hoping there is someone that can take the reins and have some fun with it.

You would obviously be joining the Imperium, and be located next to my Other cities, of South Shanmullach and Kawasumii, as well as next to Heaven's Reach.

If you would be interested in getting perms right now to start working, and eventually take over that lot completely, let me know.

Thanks everyone.

I would love to help out, but I would not be looking into taking the lot over in the future, or being the main person leading the restoration effort. I would most likely help out with the work in my free time, but not as actively as someone else who is helping. It would be nice to be part of the team working, but don't count on me as the only one. If pay is involved, I decline that. I don't need any more Uncs, this would just be yet another side project. I hope I can help. :)

I'll supply you with stuff, but I'm afraid I will not be building anything. With summer ending soon, and my own city to tend to, helping with this would be nearly impossible

Will, if you want to help out, I have given you perms. Lot N 15. There is a great double spawner on it as well. If you catch me on, let me know and I can TP you there to set a home and show you around.

Thanks Will. And thanks to you Meximo for the offer of materials. I will let you know if I need anything, but I am pretty ok for stuff I think.

Anyone else want in on this?

I don't know if I still have perms. If I do then I might stop by now and again and lend a helping hand.

You absolutely do. I think you are on ALL my lots buddy. Feel free to stop in any of the cities and build anything you want. I love your style and would love your help. (especially Kawasumii. wink wink)

I'm on every day and usually up to nothing in particular. If you need help and i'm about, please let me know. I have two projects on the go and neither of them are progressing in any orderly manner, since I have the attention span of a-

Oh hey shiny!

*runs off*