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Savanna Tower

Savanna Tower


The Savanna Tower (hosting my embassy in riedi's Nakhti) is finally finished and open for inauguration and visits.

I've set up a barbecue party on the terrace with a few goodies for visitors (for example: all-you-can-drink mundane potions!).

It is located in Nakhti Island's embassy district, surrounded by other fine embassies.

Here's the floors plan as a "menu" of what there is to see inside:

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If you haven't visited Kingdom much, here are indications to reach the embassy easily and safely, using skyrail and subway:

Embassy Path

If you're interested in the history of the building and why it looks like that, take a look at the following album:

Stephdeg Embassy in Nakthi

Everyone is invited :)

..and one self reply to have the topic displayed on the site's webpage :)

Ps: don't hesitate to comment here after your visit ^^

Hey Steph

:) This is very cool!

I have a banner for you too Steph.

I forgot one detail..

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Oh Stephdeg, thank you so much for sharing this and being a part of Uncovery server. Your presence and buildings make it better and make me a better builder. Your forethought to capture the frame shots and map views is brilliant! Thank you for sharing your original design and the discourse as you modified it to fit Riedi73's application. You have raised my expectations for my future builds. I do not know a higher compliment.

Anyone who has not visited the Savannah Tower should do so. The level of interior design is shocking (you might hurry as the Ambassador's residence is available for tours during the Grand Opening.)

Died @lastpicture


Well I also raised my expectations after seeing some of the stuff here. At first I was happy with my simple rotation..

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(early picture from my empire's structure)

I thought it was cool and original.. then one day I saw this:

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Suddenly my cool thing seemed very little and bold. So I looked for ways to make it different. Which means more explicitely that I waited for new ideas to come to my mind.

(I also saw many amazing stuff in your lots btw.. but in different categories)

The first idea was to put a giant rugby ball on top of it.. that resulted in my current empire thing.

The second idea, several months later, was to add a second rotation movement (initially to form a semi-donut). But then again, it took me very long between this idea and the realisation, because at first I had no clue how to make plans for it and how to realize it.

It looks cool in the end, but it's the fruit of a long process and many hours ;p

Update: here's a screenshot from the main meeting room on floor 7.. I have hung a few banners from some fine visitors already:

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Anyone who has a signature 1.8 banner is welcome to submit it, I have 10-12 slots left :)

Love the tower man! Have a banner for ya too :3

I Believe we should actually have a meeting between all banner hosts.

Wow, steph. This is simply amazing! I really appreciate you sharing this on the forum, along with the entire process of your contruction. The base designs themselves are very interesting, but I'm amazed at how you put it to use in game.