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Shop History?

I'm not sure if this function exists and I just don't know how to access it, but I just shot up a couple thousand uncs. I have no idea what I sold that did this, as I have quite a few large shop listings. I'd love a feature that shows your recent sales (How much of what to who for what price).

Shop Manager

Go down to sellers and put your name in.  It will show you what you sold.

Also if you vote you get Uncs, min of 700 a day plus any won on the rolls.  For a week it is 4,900 + any extra won on the rolls.  That adds up very fast.  In a year it adds up to 254,800 + any extra won on the rolls.

Only place I can find "Sellers" is under the Users tab, which only shows the last 100 sales. I'm talking about a longer personal record.

We currently don't show all the data since for some long-term users this might go a bit data-heavy.

I need to implement pagination to limit the data output.