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Signs that you’ve been playing too much Minecraft

1. You’ve tried getting wood by punching the trees in your backyard.

2. You’ve tried mining for coal in your backyard.

3. Reality suddenly isn’t cubic enough.

4. You’re disappointed that real saplings take more than a few hours to grow into full-sized trees.

5. When dusk falls, you panic, run home, and pray you don’t run into any zombies.

6. You arrange office supplies in groups of 64.

7. You get angry that dirt doesn’t float in real life.

8. You’ve tried gathering saplings in real life by beating leaves with sticks (and other tools)

9. You’re on the “all bacon, all the time” diet.

10. You always carry a backpack of tools with you everywhere you go.

11. You’ve reached the size limit for all of your worlds.

12. You have an entire chest (in game) filled with records.

13. You don’t need to look on Minepedia to know the exact number of uses you can get from a given tool.

14. You have an entire chest (in game) filled with diamonds.

15. You’re saving up for a diamond pickaxe (in real life)

16. You’ve carved a series of two-meter high tunnels under your home (while looking for coal and iron.)

17. You’ve built your own crafting workbench in your garage.

18. You’ve painstakingly gathered enough spider webs together to make something vaguely resembling a brick (and you plan on painting on it once it has a proper frame of sticks!)

19. When you yell “CREEPER!” all your friends duck or scatter.

20. You’ve tried every possible option on the Painterly Pack Customizer.

#1-20: Check. Are you saying that none of these things are normal operations of normal people? O.o

This changes everything

21. You start wondering what you achieved last year.

22. A birthday rolls around and you recieve a creeper mug, minecraft magnets for your fridge and other assorted MC related products

23. You see someone laying tiles and think they should be using a different material.

24. You go travelling and while looking at all the cool buildings you see are busy thinking in your head how you would construct them in MC

25. You're an elder.