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Skedenia City Rule Books

I could really use some help from members of my city in creating copies of the rule book. If I could get 30 copies made, that would be GREAT. Here is each page, just copy and paste it into books and title "Skedenian Law." ([page] means that there is a page break, don't copy that!)

The script:

Skedenian Law

Stay On Theme!
This means that, whatever your district, you MUST NOT STRAY FROM THAT THEME. You picked it, you build it.
If you'd like to change your theme, you will receive no help from an admin.


Structure First

Focus on the STRUCTURE of your building before you start working on fancy redstone or decoration. If it is necessary, however, you may make it.


Nothing Below 25

At no time should there be a block on or below Y25.


2 At 139

At and above Y139, you may build out two blocks, making your plot 14x14 at this level.


2 at 55

At and below Y55, you may dig out two more blocks, making your plot 14x14 at this level.


No Touchy!

Don't you even think of touching ANYTHING you don't have permission to; no other plot and no other special building. Not even a tree. Not even the outer hedges. Not even your nose.


Editing Borders

You may partially edit the hedges around your plot. You may only add decoration blocks, but may not change the leaf type. You may edit this from Y64-Y66.


Keep These Rules

You may be randomly asked questions about the rules, and you will not be given another rule book when asked. You may receive another one at any other time, however. Answering a question wrong is an infraction



As of 1/5/2013, your infractions will be recorded for all to see in the Town Hall basement. Don't let this be you!


Each infraction is considered one "point" in a specific category. The maximum points are 4 in one category and 10 total. Every week, one point from the lowest category you have points in is removed.

Categorial Points

First Point: You receive your one and only warning. Don't let it happen again, please.
Second Point: Your plot will be griefed horribly. Anyone caught helping you fix it will automatically receive 3 Miscellaneous points, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Third Point: Your entire plot will be reset. No apologies, and no refunds on paid plots.
Fourth Point: You will be instantaneously expulsed from Skedenia. There will be no refunds, and you will NOT be allowed to return. Please, don't let it get this far.

General Points

First: Warning
Second: Warning
Third: Grief
Fourth: Grief
Fifth: Reset
Sixth: Temp. Ban (1 Week)*
Seventh: Reset and TBan (1 Week)*
Eighth: TBan (2 Weeks)*


Ninth: Reset and TBan (2 Weeks)*
Tenth: Expulsion
*Points are NOT reduced during a Temporary Ban