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Slight Break :(

Hello everyone,
As some of you may have noticed I have rarely been on due to school and my very minuscule sense of motivation to build.As some of you may know I'm not the best builder. The main reason I will not be on is school work and tennis. Yes, a lot like henmeister's absence. (Neighbors) I will try to be on for at least 1 hour a week and try to rebuild my empire lot. If anyone wants to contact me or want to work on the walls I'm creating please contact me when I'm on.

See you when you return gypsy, have fun with that tennis! It'll be great for all of us to see you when you get back.

I sencond that. Good luck with Tennis , and we will love to see you when you (fully) return :)

We will keep your home tight. Erm, Yea! Stay safe, god bless all that buis.