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Sockso's Status

Hey guys and gals.  This might be a long one.  I haven't been active on uncovery for the past month or so.  If you know me, then maybe you're curious for an insight into my feelings on the game.  If not, then by all means, don't read.

I've had some major health issues that I've explained before.  I'm still having a great deal of difficulty with that.  That's part of the reason of my hiatus; lack of sleep ect.

Another part, is I don't really care for the direction that minecraft development is going.  Minecraft used to be a world of 1 meter cubes.  The abstract nature left the rest up to your imagination.  Now with all the RPG elements and do-dads, a I feel a lot of that room for imagination has been stripped away.  If you have blocks in a room that look like their real life counter parts, then you don't have to imagine that a stone block is a sink, ect.  Maybe it's just because I've been so tired for 7 months.

I started playing minecraft because, about 4 years ago, my ability to think in 3D was obliterated by chemotherapy.  Minecraft was good exercise for that.  Recent tests has shown marked improvement for me.  So I don't feel I'm getting much more out of the game from that perspective.

I started playing minecraft online because I'd often get pneumonia or a serious respiratory infection.  A week or two on uncovery instead of sitting home alone provided a nice temporary social structure.  Before uncovery, I had a rule to never play a game with a persistent online world.  We've all know about people sucked into World of Warcraft.  Personally, I feel it's a potential serious sociological pitfall for some groups of people.  It's easy to make something of yourself in an online world compared to the real world.  It's how games like that are designed.  And right now, I'm having a very difficult time making something of myself in the real world.

I've met some really amazing people on this server.  You know who you are.  :-)  The fact that we interact in an online environment doesn't change that.  We've had some great talks, and great fun.  But I don't feel it's healthy as my sole social outlet.  And having the difficulty walking around that I do, slipping too deep into an online world is just too easy.

And while this community is really the only online community I know, the culture has changed.  Personally, I enjoyed the smaller, more intimate, and less politically correct times.  I try to be a nice guy, but I also enjoy a dark sense of humor.  I can't swing a dead cat in the room without offending somebody.  (har har har)

So that's why I haven't really been interested in minecraft lately.  Also, I've just had other real world interests taking up my time.  That being said, I'll probably change my mine in a week or two and see all of you fine people for a 40 hour/week marathon.

Hope to see you soon,

Live life how you think you should sockso :) Can't wait to see you back =P

Don't swing that kitty too hard ;) See you soon!

Stay with us Sockso, your a great friend to the community, and if they don't like your humor then there in the wrong place.

Good health to you and your family. Hope to hear from you soon.


Sockso, I've only really held a few really close friends on the server (no names, you all know who you are), and you've been one of them without question. I really wish you the best with your health problems. I myself must agree with some points you make (swinging a dead cat around, much larger community), but Uncovery will always be Uncovery and will always hold a place in my heart as a place I can come to and just be at peace around this amazing community. And once again, I have to agree; Minecraft is not going the direction that I'd hope it would. But I can't change that, and all I can do is enjoy the game for what it is. I'll always be that guy who uses oak planks, simple redstone, etc, etc.


Nonetheless, I wish you my very best Sockso. Thank you for being you.

I agree on most points, just wanted to point out you can avoid the new stuff by not using it :)  Take care!

Please swing the kitty very hard, thanks.



I wish you well!