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Sponges wanted

Hello folks,

I have to exsiccate a lot of water, and sponges are best for that; sponges usually come from ocean monuments - but it might take quite some time to gather big enough team to  find an untouched monument and raid it.

Can someone provide me with 8+ sponges for several weeks? I will return them back when I finish the drying up. Other kinds of barter are also possible.

Another proposal: I know of untouched monument in distant part of Darklands and I will gladly give you coordinates and passage through one of my Darklands bases in exchange for a dozen or two of sponges.

Pity there are no sponges for sale...

Hi Stayen, it's unlikely I'll get any but if you set up a request in the shop. I'll send them your way if they come up.

Quote from BouncinLancaster on 2018/01/02, 05:17

Hi Stayen, it's unlikely I'll get any but if you set up a request in the shop. I'll send them your way if they come up.

I'll do that, thanks.

Meanwhile, another ocean monument was found in the mentioned distant Darklands area (circa (-30,000, -80,000)), and I have built "skypath" to reach it from the mentioned base.

Hi folks,

I surely can provide a couple of sponges to you for a while Stayen.

I don't have access to the game right now but I'll probably connect tonight (in around 12h). I'll see if I can pass them directly to your deposit otherwise I'll sell them to Bouncin.

I assume you know about the dry plant trick: if you plant the sponge in a dry zone, with no more than one neighbour occupied with water, then planted sponge doesn't get wet (which saves a lot of time getting them into the oven). what I would do for massive drying was lines alternating sponges and another kind of block.

Best regards,


Edit: finally I sold you the requested amount 🙂

Thanks again!

Looks like I completed primary drying up and the 16 sponges will be quite enough to go on (now that I recovered  tools of trade and can raid the two monuments 🙂 I haven't known that trick initially, but I stumbled upon it in the process.

Ready to return the sponges I borrowed, as soon as possible.

@stephdeg, I am ready to return sponges, as soon as I meet you online.

Or shall I send them via deposit?

Deposit is fine to me, but I hope to meet you online and say hi soon anyway. I've been away for a couple of days (recruiting a new international member for the server!!) but now I'm back..

BTW I'm pretty sure I sold you some sponges and got Uncs in return but I'm not sure I lent you more than this. Obviously the ones you bought are not to be returned ;p