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Stronghold Located!

Recently, I found a stronghold and have been collecting enderpearls. The portal should be lit very soon (if not already) and I would like to ask if anyone would like to help fight the enderdragon (or collect its breath) with me. Probably will fight it in a day or two. Comment if you'd like to participate! (Please refrain from killing it by yourself- feel free to enter the portal though to scout out the place). There will probably be an enderchest set up nearby to save your items (because you can't leave the end (alive) without killing the dragon. Coords are about 2000 blocks north- use the temporary nether portals.


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if it is in the present empire world  Unc has only one portal working.  i found one once and it would not work  just a little info.

It is in the temp 1.13 world. The portal does work.

It might be a good idea to collect dragon breath before killing the beast, as it is very very difficult to collect dragon breath in the main Unc server end (the only bottles available there come from End city ships).

A couple stacks have been collected. The End is now open for further exploration.