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I need some supplies for my city build. Mainly stone and wood. So if I'm on, and you donate a substantial amount, I'll dedicate a house to you or something. Or, if you want to help me out with some stuff, I wouldn't say no either :D I need some helpers and donations to really get this thing going. It's just west of my floating islands if you want to check it out. Thanks to anyone who wants to help, and remember, if you ever need an unc or two, I always have a job.

Up for the job, what do you need done?

How do you feel about clearing forests? and what do you want in return?

So, so far I have tirmite and Meximo helping with the forest. cool.

Akium, let me know what you need me to do. You know all you need to do is ask with me.

Thanks jonno :D