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Temporary set back

I have some bad news, the pc died this morning (the funeral is next week) the motherboard finally gave up and I cannot afford atm to get a new one. I will be temporarily out of game until I get an alternative or find the money for a new set up, arrangements have been made for me to not lose my lots and I am going to miss all of you as I slowly go mad from not being online.
This is not goodbye just a explanation of my abscence hope to be back asap huge cuddle tank server hug.

No fair. I hope a solution is found quickly!

Awwww - i will miss you - there is a solution for that.

ok update on status......I am back i will be in and out for the next few weeks on a not so regular basis, but i am now fully working and have a working computer,
also on insanity pills as being away from you guys sent me a bit nuts, (the shakes have finally subsided).

huge cuddlywide server hug