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The Artisan Realms

Hello all, I'm sure you may have noticed I've been quite active lately. Been putting together many ideas for several different large build projects throughout the Kingdom as a part of the "Artisan Realms". I might as well change my name to LukeSurvival. If any/all of these sound like something you'd want to be a part of, please let me know.

Shady Oasis - L14
Picture yourself in a nice sort of tropical retreat in the Kingdom's only Savanna. Thanks to the wonderful help from VixenGold in transforming my desolate, deserted desert into a gorgeous green space, I plan to develop quite a lush landscape with spring pools, winding caves, volcanoes, a shipwreck and a bit of swashbuckling curse that riddles the land with adventure. Some key features will include natural water slides, a lazy river, and a beach fit with some bungalows, huts and cabanas along the waterfronts of Sunrise Spring. The scale of this build is just one lot, centrally located between Heaven's Reach and Spawn just above my Public XP Complex. Shady Oasis will include some terraforming and much landscape work, along with building large lakes.

Village of Frostguard & Mystic Marsh - A3 & A4
Escape the heat and discover something cool. I've been preparing to develop a nice winter ski resort & village perfect for those few days (if you're fortunate) of paid time off you get a year. Frostguard will boast beautiful lodges lodges, ice rinks, snow forts, fishing grounds, bunny slopes off the famous Mount K2 & Midnight Mountain, ski-lifts and maybe a little chilling backstory. Legend has it that on the outskirts of Frostguard there is a marsh filled with a primitive tribe that possess many powers. Among them are the Peace Keepers, Magic Crafters, Dream Weavers and the infamous Beast Makers, the reason why the villagers of Frostguard keep their distance. This project is still in the idea phase but I anticipate it taking up two lots in the southwestern portion of the Kingdom. Since this lot is at the edge of the world, ideally I'd like to terraform my lot to blend in with it.

Glimmer - I21, I22, J21 & J22
Glimmer is a prospering metropolis in the land of tomorrow, bringing many future ideas within reach into fruition. Once a farm town is now a gleaming center for all the world to look to in advancements in technology, showcasing the latest innovations in technology harmoniously with keeping the environment and simplicity in mind. This build will be my primary project and I anticipate it at least occupying two Kingdom lots. I have much inspiration and many plans made for this build. Here's some inspiration concept images of what I'm hoping to achieve.

Once again, thanks for checking this out, I'd love to and look forward to working with you guys on these projects.

Sign me up for Roads and Public Transit Planning, as well as Crevasse Village as we discussed on 5/19

I'm excited to work on a group project again.

Sign me up for the landscaping/terraforming :D

I've had a little patch of artificial Savanna (with trees and grass) in N4 for ages :)

I will help you with whatever you need. Jobs... I love them.

Thanks for your interest guys! A little update on Glimmer here, just starting the land clearing phase, removing & saving wood and saplings from trees, plants, etc along with lighting up the lot.

Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank everyone for your help yesterday, we have made an incredible amount of progress so far on Glimmer and a majority of the land was cleared. I wasn't expecting it to be done so quickly. In addition thanks to those who helped make this place possible with donations and purchases, we now have one more main lot yet to purchase, but we're nearly there. To fundraise we're selling beacons at 7,000 uncs in the shop and Crstl is selling enchanted books & gear. Lastly, as a handy reminder, if you'd like to be emailed updates on this project, you can click the Subscribe link at the top of this post since I plan to keep updates here. Thanks for everything guys! I'm looking forward to what this will become! :D

I am not that good of a builder, but I can help with small things, but I can definitely help you out with supplying resources :)

Hey Poke! one of the mats we are currently in need of is glowstone!

Hello there! I had a few updates on Glimmer I wanted to share. First, I created a website for the project, be sure to check it out to help you have a better understanding of the build. Lately, you may have noticed some building being started. This is the beginnings of Communicore, the capitol builing and central hub of Glimmer. Spanning outwards from this build we'll have quite the elevated road system as designed by Tool_Tiger. If you're looking for ways to help, I've posted some materials on the website & below that we're in need of so any help would be much appreciated. I'm really looking forward to seeing this project take off. Thanks again for all of your help making Glimmer a possibility!

Materials we need help with.

  • Redstone lamps
  • Prismarine
  • Clay
  • Stained Clay
  • Quartz
  • Glass
  • Stained Glass

Glimmer road map

I should have a decent amount of those resources, but I have lots of stained glass, any particular color(s) you want?

I have some stashes of hardened clay and I can provide you with several doublechests of glass, as well (as soon as it gets cooked).

No problem helping with terraforming, land/depth clearing if necessary.

Hello all! I have added a projects portion to the website. Here we can keep track of our projects and materials needed to make make everything happen. Right now there's only 2, but more will be added as we go. Please take a minute to look them over and sign up for the ones you'd like to be a part of! Thanks again for your help everyone! Also, you'll need to talk to me if you haven't already gotten build permissions on the lots in order to sign up for things.

Reply to subscribe. Nice looking project website.

Problem opening the site (times out)... is it OK?

Hello all, after a crazy ton of events, the website is back online. Woot!!! I'll update the donator and builder lists shortly and add some additional projects that we're working on. Just a heads up I might be MIA for just a short while, I've been starting school, moving and everything but rest assured, I'm doing fine (even half way done with my first two classes and have all A's, WOOT!) and Glimmer will stand strong! :D I can't thank you all enough for the help you've been!

Hello, all! I just wanted to let you know that we now have a brand new website with a shiny new name (and it's easy to remember)! Be sure to check it out at!

I moved everything over from the old site so it should work and look nearly the same. This is all hand-coded with love! I did make a few changes including building my first-ever search engine.

When you visit the site, you may notice a login button, if you have permissions to building on the lots, you should be able to login with just your username. Once you're logged in you will be able to sign up for projects and make comments on the site.

In the next few days, you will have the option to add an email address and password so you can subscribe to emails for updates on the overall build or individual projects. You'll have the options to enable/disable anything. Let me know what you guys think! I'll be back Minecrafting shortly!