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The City of Heaven's Reach!


Salutations! Some of you have been made aware of a new city that is in the works. For those who don't know what i'm talking about, I(along with a team of people) am building a 400x400 multi-level medieval city in the skylands! I am pleased to announce that we will finally start building this week! Everyone is welcome to check up on the progress of the build anytime they please. You can find it on any of the following four lots:




We are no longer taking in members, as we have already a substantially largeย  team assembled; however, if you would like to build something in the city(and aren't a member), please submit a picture of one of your own medieval buildings, either built in single player or on the server. This is to give us an idea of your building skill level, and also to ensure top quality. Also, if you would like to donate supplies, it would be much appreciated.

Hopefully we'll end up with something interesting by the end of this! ๐Ÿ™‚


do you need a whole bunch of cobble ?


No thank you. I think we're good on cobble for now. If we do need it i'll let you know. ๐Ÿ™‚



So, I know this post is out of date because we all know its now in the kingdom, but I am posting here because of the post name. I have been away for a while and will not be on as much as I used to. I was just wondering if anyone is still doing work on Heavens Reach. I was thinking of making a tunnel for the ground level river to connect it in different parts of the city as most of it will run under the second level. Just wondering if that is ok with any plans that might be in the works.Thanks for any info!

P.S.- I have started, if it is in the way of other projects, feel free to trash it.

pagreifer, honestly I am not sure either. Pine has not been on a lot lately, but i'm pretty sure the project is still active. If you look in the 2d map, about half the center looks completely flat is at seems like something(s) will be built there. Hopefully, pine will come on soon again.

Regrettably I haven't had time to work on the city at all. I have been busy with my studies and a research job. I might just have to hand it off to someone at this point. Pagreifer, if you want, feel free to add stuff however you see fit. Just let me know what kind of perms you need.

and hell, if you want to take over the project, i'll even gift you the lots, but that's up to you.

Well I am not 100% back. My wife will be giving birth to our first kids(twins) in about 2 weeks so how much time and effort I can put in remains to be seen.

fair enough, just shoot me an email if you need anything.

congrats by the way

Thanks. I'll look up the permissions I need. I think its only the streets.

Here are the lots I need perms for. I'm already on the rest.


Thanks a bunch!

hey pine, do you plan on returning anytime soon?

Might pop on a bit more often in a couple weeks. But I still have a research job, so not too much.

ok, hope you come on soon. Its getting lonely over there. (Still have those 8 name tags for villagers)

Thanks for adding me to some lots, I am still missing from King_N16_C. If you find time could you add me there too? then I can close the gap in the cave.



Hey everyone. I think it's clear that I haven't been able to keep up with this project. I've been too busy with work and school to put forth a reasonable effort for the past few years. As a result, I am wondering if anyone (or perhaps a few people) would seriously consider taking over the project?ย  What is left to do is the remainder of the second tier wall, the palace, and the bulk of the buildings on the second level of the city.

If anyone is genuinely interested in continuing this project faithfully (that is, with the intended art-style and standard of quality) , please ask here about it. If I am convinced that you are up for the task, I will release ownership of my lots to you, or at the very least, give you creative control. Preference will be given to people who have contributed high quality buildings to my city in the past.

On a final note, while I would like someone to take over, I will not guarantee that anyone who posts here will selected for the project. Please don't take it personally if you aren't chosen (and you post here) . I just hope that someone can do this project justice, so I apologize if I'm coming off a bit harsh.

In any case, I hope everyone is doing great.

Hey man, its cool. You can always help advise the project.

I am willing to continue working on the project. I will work on filling the second tier and then the third. Will probably hold build competitions to help things along. No competitions involving the big buildings, but more like the smaller ones.

You wanted there to be an elite section on the second tier and then a castle on the third, right?

I'm currently working on a sort of consulate after the grand staircase.

My ideas for the second level:

  • Royal Court (like a supreme court). I believe we have a courthouse on first level?
  • Religious building/ university campus. In medieval times both were intertwined.
  • Mansions/small castles for the oligarchs.
  • A place for leisure: hanging gardens. A place for walking. There will also be personal gardens for the mansions.
  • A grand entrance to the castle and third level.

About the castle...

  • the entirety of the circumference of the third level could be dedicated to towers and walls connecting them. The walls could have rooms and facilities for the royal guard built in and spread all the way around.
  • Ball room main entrance. Decorative pillars and vaulted ceiling.
  • Courtyard with fountain. Has pillars along the walkways and second level looking down. This area leads to the other parts of the castle.
  • Library.
  • War Room right off library. You can put maps on tables in the newer update (1.13). Pretty sweet. Put jonno's lots on the table? lol
  • Guest and royal family bedrooms (might make decorating these a contest challenge).
  • King's master loft, balcony overlooking one side.
  • Queen's master loft, balcony looking over other side.


Just some thoughts ๐Ÿ˜›



I don't want to take over the project, but I would love to continue to build on it.