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The City of Heaven's Reach!


Hey Alleywig, and Psychodrea. Good to hear from you both. It would be great if you both would work on it some more.

Alleywig, I am willing to transfer the lots to you if you want them. Your vision of the project seems to align quite well with what I am thinking of. Everything you mentioned sounds fine to me! Do you still have permission on my lots? I can transfer ownership sometime this week.

I am glad some people are willing to get the ball rolling again. I've been wanting to see it finished, but just haven't had the time myself. I'm excited to see where the project goes.

Same for me... I even do not have the spare lots to take it over unfortunately. But yeah - structurize it and determine rules very clearly, then it should work. Not that everybody just builds there :). I'd like to help to finish that Project...

Hey Alleywig.

It seems the comments for the day were deleted.  I have added you to all the kingdom lots.

If I may, I'll just give my 2 cents on the fortress in the military district (though, it's up to you ultimately what to do with it).

The fort is definitely in the way of the wall, but it serves as a nice merger of the market, military and industrial districts. Some nice features of this are seen if you walk along the small wall connecting the industrial and the military district or by taking the path from the market district to the fortress. For this reason, I suggest that maybe it shouldn't be completely demolished.

With that being said, there needs to be room for the wall, so what I propose is knocking down the back half/third that's in the way and trying to later merge it with the wall. This will hopefully result in something that looks like more of a mountain keep (as was originally intended), since it provides the opportunity to extend the fortress later to have an underground section.

What are your thoughts on this? It is fine if you think that knocking the whole thing down is necessary, but I just wanted to convey a few ideas/concerns.

Yeah I had said I was willing to help with the knocking down/any low-intellectual tasks.. I also launched in the air the idea to have a dedicated discord channel for this communautary project 🙂

Right, so I wrote that at 5am and wasn't fully cognizant of what I wasn't getting across. All I said was that I'd destroy something, lol!

So, that fort does have its place, I agree. We were going to take down most of it and then rebuild it to fit against the wall. Make it look twice as good and completed. We could better incorporate it into the "mountain" through rooms as a mountain dwelling. Adonia seemed eager to restructure the fort.

Having the wall bend to this one structure is a bit awkward.

Pine, If you want me to keep any of it going, let me know. I am trying my best to be back on now, and it should be working out better. I wish you could be too, but I get it. At the very least, could I get the market area / trade zone lots that were on the borders of our lots?

Hopefully whoever takes over this project is willing to continue the cooperative build we had going.

I miss you buddy!


Heaven's reach discord!

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Edit: I have gone totally all-out, going all around Heaven's Reach and highlighting all of the projects, big and small. There is so much to do even on the first level. IT'S NUTS! Hopefully our build team can handle doing the small projects individually without much guidance while me and others focus on the second and third levels of the city.

Hey Jonno,

Nice hearing from you! Discussion about transferring lots might have to wait until the whole kingdom pricing situation is sorted out. It seems that alleywig is taking over though, and I gather that he should have no problem in maintaining the co-op build we had going (though I'm sure he can speak for himself). I think it adds a lot of character to both cities.

Hey Alleywig,

It seems you're the owner of the main lots now (Thanks Unc)! When you get a chance, do you mind adding me please?

Just though i'd share a progress update. Stehpdeg has completed the new towers and the swamp has been cleared to make way for the new port expansion. I thought the following was a really cool view of the city.

As a reminder, if anyone wants to help with the project, please let alleywig or myself know. We're always looking for a hand.