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The Countdown Begins

I know this isn't quite in the right thread, and bare with me, I couldn't find anything like "Uncovery Talk", so I figured with would be the best place, so, hello!

This isn't necessarily a goodbye, no, but just the other day I started the countdown to my 1000th day on this server. 98 days to go!

Anyways, I wanted to kind of remind us all of the journey we've all had on Uncovery, and how I've sort of felt through the huge process I've gone through.

Okay, so this is probably one of my funniest moments on the server. First day of Minecraft, incidentally enough.
I started off as, well, a noob. I knew what the game of Minecraft was about and such (I had been watching Shadow of Israphel from the Yogscast beforehand), but I didn't quite understand the idea of you don't have OP commands on every server. This was a small mistake on my part. I also had no idea how to execute commands properly. So what was my very first thing I did on Minecraft? Here's the dialogue.

[Pilotrange] gamemode 1
[Unknown Uncovery User] Your hacks don't work here, noob.

I know, not the best awakening, but hey, we all went through this at some point or another, right? Right? Please let me be right.
I still laugh at this though, just at how much of a noob I was back then.

Anyways, I didn't play on Uncovery for quite some time because I was mostly doing other things, other servers and such. But eventually one day I was quite bored and I thought to myself as I looked through my Multiplayer list, "What is this Uncovery server? I remember it, but I've never given it the shot." So, I logged in, no new welcome message, of course, since I had been on it previously. But I tried to navigate myself to the Settler page, finished that, got my lot, etc..
Eventually I came to a point where I became a Civilian, and oh my god I began to hate the color cyan because of that nametag, but I kept trying. I built several things (and probably lost my mind in the process), and I tried to be as friendly as possible, especially when the Karma system was introduced. Now, don't get me wrong, but there were moments where I got disappointed with myself. I knew I couldn't blame it on anybody because who would there be to blame? I rarely interacted with anybody except with on the chat.

I do however recall quite a few friends I made (some of which were banned/left for I'm not really sure why) in which I had quite some fun with. It was fun going on those very well prepared Nether excursions and exploring the vast wasteland of lava and fire, looking for a possible blaze farm, etc.. I also remember helping some friends out in the Creative world, but at this time I wasn't necessarily the best of builders. I wasn't bad, though.

I kept trying to be as friendly as possible, trying to be as good as possible, and I really, really wanted that Architect rank. After some discussion I'm not really sure what happened, I really don't know, I logged in one day and found myself Architect rank. For some reason, I wasn't terribly "excited", if you will, but I was more like, "OH MY GOD!!!! IM ARCHITECT PL0X", but I was like, "Oh." I think it was mainly because I was just so shocked to show any form of excitement.
I haven't done anything as Architect quite yet, but I plan on doing so. I mainly stick to building in my Singleplayer worlds because I tend not to trust servers with my builds in their worlds, it's just a phobia of mine. Also, with worlds that aren't mine means that I can't export the schematic or anything, it's just kind of limiting to me. But hey! I build pretty decently in my singleplayer worlds, and I help out friends and such.
I work more in command blocks nowadays rather than redstone, but both really help. A friend and I are making a huge Mob Arena system and such that should be done relatively soon. We work on huge redstone projects, and a ton of other stuff. One friend likes to build, the other likes redstone, the other likes command blocks, and hey, I'm right between them. I do all of them quite well, and they're valuable skills to learn.

/give @a[score_x_min=1,team=team1] diamond_sword {display:{Name:"Stabby",Lore:[Steb, steb, steb!]},ench:[{id:16,lvl:10}]}

So, yes, I have big plans as Architect, and I hope to get them out there sometime soon.

So, I learned something really valuable on Uncovery. I really, really did.

If you want something, work really, really hard, and eventually, your wishes will come your way.

This is my far one of the most valuable lessons I have learned in life, and I will never, ever forget the Uncovery Server, because I have learned so many valuable life lessons here, and I intend to pass those on to others I may quest upon in the future.
No, I'm not leaving Uncovery, I'm just trying to remember my entire journey here, and boy oh boy, it's been a fantastic journey at that.

Pesky edit block!

.-. Big Thread mate..

Cant wait to see what it is you are planning Pilot! If I see you on, I will stop in.