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:// This is the Pirate Lord AKmeximoTX Properly resigning

My disappearance from the server was preordained, many of you knew about my.. absence. But alas I feel I should make it known that this was indeed the best server I was on. And I needed to make a few mentions before I saw you all off.

To The Crescent Moon Island Industries; I am deeply sorry that the kingdom was lost, I never really could do anything, as I was under a form of sanction under which I will not disclose; You were the best people I could ever ask for; Mentions.

Poke, KennyKenz366, Sleeping_Owl, PinebenJ, Adonia, Arielia, Will Larson ( Precept, as we all know him now. ) and to Tcorbin; along with Tar Bender.

Now to other mentions;

The 3 Brothers, Involving me, Kenny, and Miner22122. We by far the few people I thought were the best.

Will Larson; even in my final moments on the server, you stood true to me; you stood along with me; You are my best friend on this server.

Sleeping_Owl, your too good for a shout out, everyone knows your awesome. You helped me so much on my journey on this server, even if you knew the truth about me.

PinebenJ, Creator Of Heavens Reach.. Wow man, you and me had good times.

Miner22122; Good man. I never got to say goodbye.

Final Mention, Uncovery; You are the best server owner, while you and I never got a long I believe I can consider you a good friend.

Goodbye Uncovery, I will not be able to come on permenantly for a long, long time.


Hail And Farewell, you knew me as the true pirate in the end.

Goodbye AK. Best of luck with whatever you're doing next.

See Ya AK. Where ever you are sailing to.

Good luck, I guess now I know what happened to you

oh noes! ;~; i shall miss you mex <3
you are always so uber sweet to me. i hope im still an uncoverian the day you come back!!!!!


I came back, I am AKmeximoTX.

^ /ban Thief_King using diff username while resigned for months

darth you're sure you want to suggest banning users who announce their departure and then come back with a different username?

LOL stephdeg, I catch what you mean.

*chuckles silently* Who are we talking about?