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To Diamantle Dark Lands

We need a group that can take down the dark lands spawn soon and to store the resources for putting up in the new dark lands.  I will be one but it would be nice is we have more.  Would be nice to have those that help build the spawn area.  I have storage room on my empire lot to store all the stuff unless someone of higher rank wants to store the stuff.  The resources are not to be sold but used to build a new dark lands spawn.  The best time to start taking the spawn apart would be when the pre-release of 1.5 happens.  This would give a few days before the release comes out and the new dark land temp comes out.  Once the new temp land is made many people will most likely want to be there instead.  It should not take too long to get all of the good blocks.

This will be happening real soon, looks like in a few days.  There might be little warning so those that want in please keep watch on this post. Please post here if you want to help.  I will post when it starts so those that help will not be accused of griefing.  Anyone that is not in this group and takes blocks from the dark land spawn could be accused of griefing.

I have been off for a while due to some bad real life drama but I am back.  :)

Hey Vixen - I would be with you in that group - plz just remember me via chat when you plan to go :). Im off over weekend (snowboarding!) but on monday evening (or tuesday / European time) I'm back.

For me its okay when you stock that stuff in your lot.

Ty for organizing.

heh heh. Breaking stuff is cool. If I am around, I'm in as well.

i like to destroy things im in


I got the antimatter nukes, I'm i- Oh! We're supposed to save the blocks?!


Looks like the pre-release is moved to sometime next week.

Posted there:" We’re still fixing bugs… The pre-release has been postponed until we don’t discover any new crash bugs and/or redstone bugs."

Then they have a long list of bugs to fix.  I will post more when I can.

Thanks guys for jumping up to help.  This will be fun.  I have a pre made storage space for the stuff.  When I get on I will put chests and signs marking them.  When it is all done I will organize the items and then take screen shots to post.  Remember CYA - cover your .....

I am going to go and start on taking down the safe house by the desert.

Safe House and tree farm at desert has been stripped.  Thanks TowerofGlass for the help.  Included screen shot of mats picked up.


Took down the tracks going out to the Desert Safe House.  Also got a lot of the sandstone path headed that way and a few other items.  I am marking where I am taking stuff with signs.  They say that the items have been taken for the new dark lands.

My Aether lot is very close to the Aether portal, I could set up a storage platform.

That sounds good Dia.  I have some stuff for you already.  :)  Will get on to see if u are on.  If not then I will keep storing until I see u.

Built a very simple storage platform at the corner and added, you just in case.

There's light all the way. XD

Thank you.  I will set up chests and start moving the stuff now.  :)


Looks like people are already taking stuff.  Lamps and brick.  I am going to start taking sown what I can before we lose it all.  Stuff will be stored on Dai's lot.

Taking down the building I built in decation of the spawn builders and the building that was made to store stuff near it.  People have already taken a lot of brick, lamps and glow stone.

Those that are going to help  contact me ASAP.  some people are already taking stuff down


Have some help.  Poke0523 is helping.  Thanks.  Any other help is welcomed.  Due to people already taking a lot of glowstone and lamps the taking apart and storing has started.  So we can save something for the new building.

I added the redstone lamp to the skelly generator, the stone brick as well. Feel free to take it and use it for the new darklands spawn.

Thanks pagreifer.  I did not think about looking there.

Thanks all for the help.  I know that Dai and poke helped a lot.  I think some others helped too but not sure.  For the most part the Spawn area of the dark lands has been stripped and every thing is being stored on Dia's anther lot.  I am adding stone brick, food, glass, and some red brick.  All of the stuff will be going for the rebuilding of Spawn City when the new dark lands comes.  Any donations will be welcomed.  Anyone is welcomed to build.

The following is a list of what we have so far.

52 stacks of track,  3 stack + 39 powered rail,  4 ender chests,  9 iron doors,  63 iron bars (like in fencing)

12+ stacks of sand stone

50 wool

36 stacks of glass blocks,  17 stacks glass panes,  9 stacks of redstone torches,  3+ stacks of lamps,  80 glowstone,  5+ stacks of redstone

almost 2 full stacks of book cases and an enchanting table,

10 + stacks bake potatoes, 2 stack bread, 1 stack melon

11stack + 21 of red brick,  almost 2 stacks of brick slab,

double chest of resources from the tree farm that TowerOfGlass made and we will remake.

Double chest of resources from the huge pumpkin.  Someone took a lot of glow stone from the face but I did save 21 of the glowstone, and a lot of other stuff from it. So it can be remade.

almost 4 full double chests of stone stuff.  Mostly stone bricks.

2 full double chests of wood, wood planks, and other wood stuff.

Double chest full of mix plants.

Any donations are welcomed.  With all of this we will not need to wait to find resources.  We will be able to start building asap.

Glass, brick, sandstone, Glowstone and lamps, redstone,  and food for the builders would be much appreciated.

Thanks again all.