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Ugh , Who ARE you?

Hello , my name is Elder Price , and I would like to share with you a word about the lord.

No , but in all seriousness , I am miner22122 , from the Planet Earth , year 2014. I come with the most amazing news ever to land on your planet *drum-roll* I'M BAAACK!!! Well ... for the most part (Below)
To any newer players to join in my leave of Absence , Hello. Get off my lawn , this is mah turf now ya her? In all actuality , I am miner22122 , and I joined Uncovery *remembers his early years* Sometime in August ... of 2013. I was ranked to the level of Architect and was so happy I ... left. No , I received the rank of Architect , and not to long after , I got tired of the server. I simply wasn't amused with Uncovery anymore , and set off to find a server that held to what I wanted at the time.
Well , not to be in any way shape or form confusing , but I am still part of that server. Yes I know Bob , you are going to ask Why I am here. Well hold your Ponies , because miner is 'bout to educate you. What I am here for is , yes , to play on IN ADDITION too the other server. I will not be as active as I was in my early days , but hey , A start is a start. Any community events I have on said server I will invite some of my peeps to ( If all is well with administration of course) and visa versa.
Yes I am back , No , I am not done talking. You should remember that much about me atleast. YES , I do now have teamspeak , so I can communicate with the people who wish to use their vocal cords when playing a videogame called Minecraft. And ONE MORE THING then you can go on your merry way. I Need those Lots of Mine RESET! I want a Clean Sweep! I want a new start! *minus my uncs , I wish for some standing in the market atleast* I WANT THE LOTZ CLEANZ. If the all mighty and merciful uncovery will do so , if not , you will be getting this same message ... one month from now.

Well , It's good to be back , and it is gonna be fun. Watch your back , cause Miner is back in ACTION!!

-the one and only , most undoubtedly insane , clinically proven to evoke the loss of braincells and give useful life lessions; Miner22122