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Scouts have reported seeing a large army marching on Heaven's Reach! Sources say that the road to the city is filled with enemy soldiers. Civilians have been fleeing the area in large numbers. Secondary reports also indicate the gate to Heaven's Reach has been left open! Has war finally come to the Kingdom of Uncovery? Stay with the forum for more late breaking reports.

A disappointing show there was from the "defenders" of Heavens Reaach.

My lads rolled up and expected WAR, not an open gate and fresh pastries at the nearby bakery! You simply must try the glazed rolls, delicious.

We had a wander round but got bored and left again. We'll come back later when there is a wall worth storming.

Oh, and while we're at it, if anyone wants to enjoy the merry festivities let me know, I'll add you to the siege lots.

I will have you all know that there will be no such thing as a winner in this war. Whilst you petty folks might squabble over your puny lands and feeble lodgings, you are obviously aware about the futility of these attempts to make a mark in this branch of the universe!

So let it be known to y'all that your trenches, siege weapons and stick men will be no match for the armies of Ghasts and Creeperjockeys that will tear down the walls and lay bare the lands of whomever thought themselves lucky to survive the first round of these clashes!

But go on, have your bantering and squabbles to see who is the weaker of you, since it will be clear that neither of you is truly strong!

Defences have been prepared. You will not storm our walls so easily psiber. I can not say the same for you however. You have left yourself wide open for an attack, with your partly finished, very burnable wooden wall!.

Also, unc. You are the prime deity of our city. We will annihilate these heretics and non-believers in your name!

Shanmullagh stands firm in alliance with Heaven's Reach! So called King of his land Psiber may have played a horrible, and dirty trick by buying the road lots that were nowhere near his lot while we waited (honoring the rules of Lord Uncovery) for rightful aquisition. He has asked for unconditional surrender and placement of battlements on our border with Heaven's Reach in exchange for the lots. I say no to this. We truly do need these road lots, but what men would we be if we gave in to tyranny? Not the kind of man that I wish to be. Not any kind of man that I would wish to associate with.

Citizens of Shanmullagh, gird your loins, and prepare to let loose the dogs of war. The enemy is not the honorable, worth type that we were led to believe. We were promised a chance to die with honor, in a just war between worthy adversaries. Now we are being drug into a filthy war. One that I wish we did not have to fight.

I beg all of you to choose who you will fight for! Fight for the side of right, for those who stand nobly to defend their lands, and the lands of their worthy allies...... Or stand with those who began this dirty war by stealing the lands that we were waiting to acquire by the proper rules of Lord Uncovery.

Prepare your defenses. The dog is at our door noble citizens!



To sit by and watch? Or take up arms and join the fray. These are the questions troubling Eagle Bay's ruler in these, the darkest of days. Ambassadors from both sides have asked us to pledge support. One side calls for aid in desperate defense, the other offers wealth, power and the glory of  victory.  This however is an easy choice for our lands. We have had peace and friendship between ourselves and Heaven's Reach for many a year. Such ties will not easily fall away. Eagle Bay shall come to the aid of her allies in this, their most desperate time of need.

The ships are being built, the armies equipped. The Adler's Wing shall sail to those in need, the Eagle's Claws shall score deep. Heaven's Reach shall not stand alone in these evil times. The tyrant Psiber will be thrown back and the forces of peace and justice will triumph!

Lol, this was supposed to be for fun, but i'm get rather annoyed with this whole war thing. I didn't realize having lava dumped on my lot was part of the rules.

Please get rid of the source block... psiber. I am withdrawing from this war.  It's no fun to look at a giant gorila and a ton of lava in front of your city. I'd much rather we stuck to our own territory to build our military. This is getting a bit aggravating, in all honesty. We can brag about our forces from our own cities. Until we have pvp, this is kind of pointless.

I.. Shal, Still Not get why you guys are talking mideavil times... But I, Sky9225 Shal try to catch on... :P

Well Skyblock9225, we are all building cities in the Kingdom world. They are all roughly the the same time period in style (except for Psibers). There was talk of starting wars and all that and Psiber  accepted the challenges. So now we have war between out kingdom builds.(or maybe not any longer looking at the posts by pinebenj)

Giant golems and my lava mage melting pines army seems to have won the day! Huzzah and jubilation!
We shall go henceforth from whence we came!


Also pine, i took the high road. See how the golem isn't made of cobble and isn't three times the size and truly hideous?
Yeah that's right, this is the pretty one.


I actually agree with Pine on this one. The talk of War was for fun, and maybe to run through each other's cities every once in a while. it was meant to be a fun story line to add to the experience of the game. Not to ruin the look of each other's builds.

A war without destroying or placing blocks would be fun. Pine's working firecharge cannons are cool too. If we can ever get a PVP type, timed event it would be really cool to have a capture the flag type of invasion of each other's towns and cities too. Recruit armies to defend and invade to capture a key building in a city or such.... It could be really fun. We just need to settle on terms for such a war. This thing got silly on all our parts.

Well played psiber. This was not a story line i planned for, and i admit it upset me but only because i had plans all layed out, and suddenly it seemed as if they were gone. You hit us hard, and i give you the victory in the first volley. Lets now figure out a way to wage war without physically taking over surrounding lots and Maybe we can work out someway to have battles, even without PVP right now? Has to be a way to keep a fun story line going and a reason for cities to band together in the Kingdom.

Hey guys, if you could just stop all this fighting and warring till i have time to get back online and play, that'd be great.

I say, let the wookie win.

Lava does nothing to obsidian golems Psiber.

I say we continue the war. We should only be able to build up forces on our main lots though. The whole road ordeal kinf of got out of hand.

I Just came up with a really good idea!  We could have a world where people could claim big lots to use as battlegrounds and have wars.  The two owners could change wether PvP is allowed or not. But they would cost uncs and if there is no war, they would be reset.

The war is ever evolving.

Let's just agree to a week-long grace period, and then we should turn this in to more of a 'cold war.' Rules are:  military structures can be built only on main lots(your city lots) and the immediate zone(your surrounding road lots). This will allow for us to maintain the fun of building alliances, and waging 'war', without having to actually dump lava outside one's property.